Weinberg Manor East and West

The project consists of the tenant in place renovation of 186 units in Weinberg East and 108 units at Weinberg West. Improvements to each unit included the upgrading of all kitchens, bathrooms, windows, flooring, doors, and mechanical units. In addition, new units were created to provide full accessibility for the elderly residents. All public and community spaces in both buildings were improved, with the East building also receiving an addition and the West building a new entry lobby and canopy.

Manor East/West Limited Partnership
Baltimore, Maryland
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Weinberg Manor East

  1. First floor common areas were rearranged and expanded to provide both interior and exterior recreation areas for the residents.
  2. “Before” view shows building street facade.
  3. New light-filled community room includes several computer stations, tables for games, and a TV area for the residents' Wii Sports leagues.

Weinberg Manor West

  1. Building’s new entry lobby and canopy are warm and inviting, drawing residents and visitors into the building.
  2. Entry lobby was expanded and enhanced, while upgrades were made to the community room, laundry, and other common areas.
  3. “Before” view shows building street facade.