Restoration Gardens

Many homeless young people fall through the cracks and turn to crime, drug abuse or public assistance if they are not helped to become independent. Restoration Gardens is the first facility of its kind in Maryland, providing permanent housing for previously homeless teenagers and at risk youth. Residents are provided with GED training, job placement assistance, and counseling services to ensure they develop into successful young adults. The project restored and added to the abandoned shell of the original 1939 Talmudical Academy, reinforcing the concept of preservation and sustainability.

Restoration Gardens LLC
Baltimore, Maryland

I’ve been on my own for three years, since I was 16. I never really had a place to call home until now. I feel like this is what was missing. I’m back in school and getting my life back on track.

Resident, Restoration Gardens
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Building community

  1. Renovated building not only provides teenagers with a place they can call home, but a broad range of services designed to aid in getting an education, training and jobs.
  2. Lobby / living room is the most important feature of the building, designed to foster communication between residents.
  3. Stepped seating area is carpeted to expand lounging area in front of the large flat screen TV.
  4. These apartments are a home to many who have never known a stable living environment.

This place is giving me purpose. I won’t let homelessness be the end of my story.

Resident, Restoration Gardens