Reservoir Hill

The project involves scattered site renovation and restoration of 31, three-story historic rowhouses in an impacted neighborhood in Baltimore. Properties varied greatly in their existing condition prior to renovation, ranging from partially collapsed, requiring total rehabilitation, to selective upgrades and preservation of salvageable historic features. The project utilized historic and low-income tax credits.

Pennrose Properties
Baltimore, Maryland
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Shoring up the neighborhood

  1. Front facades were the most intact historic elements from the original construction. Common design elements such as doors, windows and exterior light fixtures were used at all properties to create a sense community by tying all of the properties together, despite being located in different blocks throughout the neighborhood.
  2. The dispersed site locations of the project meant that the preservation plan served as a community revitalization plan.
  3. Rowhouses were redesigned to accommodate either multi-family or single-family housing.
  4. “Before” view of rowhouse group shows missing doors, windows and railings, temporary roofing and deteriorated porches.

“After” view of rowhouse group shows mid-block renovated houses which generated renovation of adjacent properties, creating a larger impact.