Lillian Jones Apartments

Lillian Jones Apartments presents a fresh face to a long neglected community. With 74 units of affordable housing, the building replaces vacant brick row houses and adjoins other older homes on the block. Attention to scale, massing, and use of materials work to reinforce the existing neighborhood character. A museum quality historic display was created for the public lounge space highlighting the history of the neighborhood and the efforts of the community.

Empire Homes
Baltimore, Maryland
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Urban context

  1. Neighbors and tenants are so pleased to have a building of such quality and amenities within the neighborhood, it has enticed some former community residents to move back.
  2. The care that was taken to locate the building and utilities to avoid the two Amtrak tunnels that run under this tight site created green space that connects with the historic Greenmount Cemetery and forms a transition to the neighborhood.

Affordable housing that feels like home

  1. Ground floor common areas align with the major street and activate it.
  2. Glass walls in the entry lobby encourage views and connect the indoors with the outside.
  3. A south-facing landscaped courtyard organizes the building, transitioning from an open lounge and courtyard patio.

The quality of the grounds and building design instantly changed the identity of the neighborhood.

Klaus Philipsen, Baltimore Business Journal