Preclinical Teaching Building

The phased renovation of the Johns Hopkins Preclinical Teaching Building created a TILE (Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage) classroom with state-of-the-art technology designed to enable a collaborative learning environment. An old computer lab was transformed into the flexible and active space for 70 students.



Johns Hopkins Medical Institution
Baltimore, Maryland
Classroom Buildings
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TILE (Transform, Interact, Learn, Engage) Classroom

  1. Students work in small groups to solve problems, and intuitive technology systems enable faculty to connect to each table.
  2. Screens are located on each wall, allowing faculty to move freely about the room and engage students at any location.

Mountcastle Lecture Hall

  1. Cosmetic modifications and new acoustic wall panels improved the 250-seat auditorium. Johns Hopkins designed the wall panel graphics, with each theme correlating to specific research done at Johns Hopkins.
  2. Though the 1970's lecture hall had seen major AV/IT updates in recent years, the dark and dreary interior was in need of a fresh make-over.