Aberdeen Hall Science Building

The renovation and addition to this building provides science laboratory space for biology, chemistry, physics and new programs in nano-technology,
microbiology and environmental sciences. The addition bridges one of the primary paths from parking to the main quad, directing College commuters through the new rain garden/bio-retention pond and, along the way, reinforcing ideas about the sciences and sustainability.


Harford Community College
Bel Air, Maryland
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STEM + mapping the scientific method

  1. Science and sustainability are introduced in the Lobby via visibly displayed rain-water collection tanks and light fixtures arranged as constellations.
  2. The lounge is the focal point where students and faculty meet, study and exchange ideas and experiences; recycled wood from trees felled on site creates acoustic baffles that encourage conversation.
  3. Scientific mappings are designed to encourage student interest in, involvement with and recognition of the fact that science can be found anywhere and everywhere.

One of the best attributes of the new building is that it creates an atmosphere that engages students as soon as they walk through the doors. The sustainability features are just one prominent addition that is making science a part of our lives.

Kayla Yi, Student

Learning spaces showcase sustainable design.

  1. Rooftop Greenhouse has a radiant slab with water heated by solar vacuum tubes outside.
  2. Wood from trees felled on site was dried, milled and recycled as acoustic baffles in lecture hall.
  3. Teaching labs and support spaces have ample daylighting.
  4. Daylighting and views are also considered in prep rooms.

Upper level plaza leads down to lower level entry and rain garden that offers a place for outdoor experimentation and data collection.