The Pilot School

The Pilot School will be built on a beautiful site overlooking the Brandywine Valley. This new academic campus will provide individualized care and attention to children grades K-9 experiencing language-based learning problems.

Pilot School
Wilmington, DE
On the Boards
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  1. The main lobby and the library open onto patios in the courtyards. A large tree is saved in one courtyard and ringed by stone amphitheater seating.
  2. The design spreads the school wings apart with broad courtyards providing the classrooms with views into the landscape.

  1. The building is nestled into the landscape, with careful consideration of daylighting and sustainable materials. In the lobby, the fireplace is laid with stone native to the site.
  2. Many views were studied while we were designing the school to ensure that public areas like this corridor balance light, views, and scale.