Montgomery College Master Plan

In partnership with Montgomery College, a facilities master plan was created for all five campuses, with a set of Guiding Principles for each campus, tailored to its unique setting and specific growth issues. The recommendations were substantial and far-reaching to accommodate the large amount of projected enrollment growth.

Montgomery College
Montgomery County, MD
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Campus Facilities Master Plans

  1. Each campus plan (this one for the Rockville campus) included program and space needs assessments, and analysis of site issues, views and gateways, buildings, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, parking, utilities, forest conservation, green and open space, and sustainability.
  2. Diagram shows phasing, proposed scale and massing and consideration of a new pedestrian mall and a math-science complex on the Rockville campus.

The depth and breath of the projects for Montgomery College are a testament to the superior service skills of the firm... comprised of disciplined architects, completely dedicated to their craft. The College gives them free reign to explore uninhibited each task, yet they are still focused and deliberate, producing works of beauty that communicate to the client on a variety of levels.

Sandra Lee Filippi, Campus Planner, Montgomery College

Studies coming to fruition

  1. A study that developed out of the master plan for the Rockville campus proposed a major entry feature connecting the new math-science complex to the proposed pedestrian mall and arts walk.
  2. For the Rockville campus, the facilities master plan proposed positioning a new math-science complex at the southern end of campus - 2/3 of that vision has since been designed and constructed.
  3. Design studies propose renovating this building on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus to create a stronger visual connection to the student services building, increase the College's classroom and office space, and present a more welcoming approach.
  4. A new parking structure, located as was proposed in the Rockville campus plan, is currently in design and will feature amenities such as vending, a student lounge, and bicycle storage.