Welch Medical Library

The renovation of the library rejuvenates this historic, iconic center, home to the ornate West Reading Room with its significant artwork. Meant to attract students and faculty, the new design creates flexible, collaborative space for study, groupwork, seminars, and receptions.

Johns Hopkins Medical Institution
Baltimore, Maryland
Historic Renovation
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  1. The second floor lobby is transformed into a changing exhibition gallery featuring archival items from JHU's historical medical collection.
  2. Within this historic building, windows are retrofitted while new technology, lighting, and shading systems are integrated into the historic fabric.

Much discussion took place over the last couple of years regarding the status of the library and its function as a place of study at JHMI. The culmination of that effort is the restored beauty of the Welch Library and I congratulate you on your efforts.


  1. The transformation of the East Reading Room includes custom light pendants, translucent low partitions, new furniture, and graphic acoustic panels depicting colorful artwork from each medical department.
  2. Before the renovation, historic details were obscured by lighting and cubicles.