Science Center

    The new 141,000 SF building includes labs for biology, chemistry and physical sciences, classrooms, a rooftop observatory, a greenhouse
    and faculty offices and is the first phase of a three-phase project to create a math-science complex at the southern end of campus. Exposing the mechanics of the elevator, a giant circulating fan, expressing the basic concrete structure of the building, revealing ceiling plenums, recycled and renewable materials, rainwater collection cisterns, rolling roof observatory and many other elements demonstrate how science, technology and architecture have been integrated to encourage student interest.

Montgomery College
Rockville, Maryland
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Making the sciences visible and inviting

  1. As students and vistors enter the building, graphics and details, such as light fixtures, begin to reveal that this is a building dedicated to the STEM fields.
  2. Building geometry extends a new landscaped pedestrian mall from the campus center, connects proposed arts walk to pond, and angles around the pond to adjoining buildings.

Science on display

  1. Monumental atrium connects all departments physically and visually, and contains experiment exhibits and monitors for the building’s environmental performance.
  2. Students walking to the rooftop observatory pass by the photovoltaic array.
  3. Accessible green roof reduces the heat island effect of the building's large footprint.
  4. Corridor views into the labs engage all students passing by.
  5. Research and learning in the landscape are encouraged by an amphitheater and outdoor classroom.

Bio-retention pond and storm water pond planted with indigenous flora become hands-on living-laboratories for experimentation and data collection.