Forbush School for Autism

An existing one-story brick and steel warehouse structure in Hunt Valley has been transformed into a K-12 school for autistic children. The facility, which is part of the Sheppard Pratt Health System, provides classrooms, offices, and special educational development spaces, including a playground specifically designed for autistic children. The program is organized to bring maximum daylight into the interior through skylights and the arrangement of classrooms around the perimeter.

Sheppard Pratt Health Systems
Hunt Valley, Maryland
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  1. A welcoming internal “main street” draws visitors and students into the common heart of the school.
  2. Driven by a tight budget and a need for more space, the only changes that were made to the exterior of this former warehouse were a new colorful canopy, signage, windows and stair railing, and sensitively placed vibrant paint colors.
  3. Classrooms are zoned to allow more than one student-teacher activity to happen in the room.
  4. A calming palette of soft colors is used to modulate long corridors and accentuate special working areas in classrooms and shared spaces.
  5. Color, texture, and pattern in the multi-purpose room stimulate students.