Learning Support Center

As the campus hub where students and faculty work as a team to achieve common academic goals, the purpose of the Learning Support Center is to empower students. Filled from morning until the evening with first year students as well as those returning to college to advance or change careers, this former 1950's science building has become the place on campus to study or simply hang out between classes and should serve as a model for other community colleges.

Hagerstown Community College
Hagerstown, Maryland
Student Centers
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  1. Open spaces such as this entry/lobby provide maximum flexibility for the College as technologies change and teaching/tutoring pedagogy adapts to the evolving needs of its student population.
  2. "Before" view shows the same space, formerly a corridor.

With a panorama of views inside and out, the open lounge and lab is supported with a variety of teaching spaces including a lecture hall, class labs and English-as-a-second-language lab.