University Childcare Center

This 11,800 SF replacement facility provides the faculty, staff, and students with on campus childcare for 94 children and serves as hands on teaching tool for students in the University’s childcare development curriculum.

Towson University
Towson, Maryland
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Open and secure

  1. A fully glazed porch-like corridor fronts the classrooms, visually and physically connecting the interior and exterior.
  2. Brightly painted steel structure provides a continuous framework throughout the building.
  3. Administration, library and multi-use spaces cluster around the public entry.

The building forms a low wall with minimal glazing along the campus side while opening up to and cradling the outdoor space at the rear.

The five classrooms are bathed in southern light from a continuous clerestory. Windows are positioned to offer child-height window seats that double as storage to supplement built-in cubbies and counters.

The multipurpose room projects into the playground, and its overhang extends to protect outside gatherings from the elements.