Hofheimer Library

A visible, accessible, state-of-the-art library and a mixed-use campus center results from this total renovation. An addition, inserted below an existing, wide and under-used arcade that fronts on the main quad, provides an inviting, vibrant lounge and 24-hour study room with controlled separate entrance. Another similar infill on the opposite side of the building provides a gallery and study area. A lively palette of colors, furniture and activated facades, extensive natural lighting, efficient new lighting and mechanical systems provide a comfortable, sustainable environment.

Virginia Wesleyan College
Norfolk, Virginia
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  1. Existing primary and central study plinth is enhanced by added natural light and new finishes.
  2. First floor plan shows additions at perimeter.
  3. A new quiet study space features views to the main quad.
  4. The 24/7 study lounge offers a variety of seating areas and views out.

  1. Restored stair leads to the second floor stacks.
  2. Breakout landing with book display offers another place to study.