Ijams-Vance Dining Hall

Focusing on the special needs of those with hearing disabilities by creating visual transparency throughout the building, addressing acoustical issues, emergency egress, and life safety systems, this project is not only functional and cost-effective, but is one of the most popular student hang-outs.


Maryland School for the Deaf
Frederick, Maryland

CBH+A’s collaborative attitude and willingness to work together has been paramount to the success of the project.

Peter Wyatt, Project Manager, March-Westin

Visual transparency, brightness, and openness were incorporated into a plan with no “hidden” corners. An area for queuing is defined yet open, and large windows create a relationship with the outside.

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  1. New facility is centrally located between key campus buildings, including the historic Hessian Barracks—a stone building built in 1777 that housed the original School for the Deaf in 1868.
  2. A theme of grilles and trellises ties the interiors to the exterior elevations.