Andrew White Student Center

Existing exterior edges and underutilized interior spaces are knitted together in a new building to create social and collaborative spaces for students.

Loyola University Maryland
Baltimore, Maryland
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Gathering spaces for learning and relaxing

  1. Upper level multi-purpose room, with roof deck, provides meeting spaces for large gatherings as wells as views over the adjacent athletic fields.
  2. New atrium encloses the old stone facade, while bridges provide access and allow natural light from skylights above to filter down to the lower level.

This project takes a ‘dead’ existing condition and creates a wonderful sense of life and vitality. It creates a rich mix of exterior and interior spaces, woven together in a varied, human, delightful mix for individuals, groups, and crowds. This is an incredibly intense effort, wrestled to a successful conclusion.

John Palmucci, Vice President for Administration, Finance and Treasurer Loyola College Maryland

Organizing principles

  1. An existing pedestrian path is extended into a south-facing boulder garden adjacent to interior student dining space.
  2. New primary thoroughfare connects disparate elements on campus.
  3. Stair tower lights up in the evening and becomes a highly visible landmark.