Smithsonian Institution IDIQ

Ongoing work with the Smithsonian Institution over two consecutive ten-year IDIQ contracts has given us the opportunity to work on some of the nation’s key landmark buildings. Projects have ranged from feasibility studies, historic preservation plans, museum renovations, infrastructure improvements, space planning, interior design with furniture, lab renovations, artist collaborations, LEED certification, and wayfinding. 

Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC
Historic Renovation
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National Zoo

  1. Design competition submission proposes a unique 21st century transformation of the aging Bird House plateau.
  2. New bison exhibit welcomes American (and National Zoo) natives back home.

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

  1. Conservation lab redesign creates the Hirshhorn Center for the Conservation of Modern and Contemporary Art, allowing conservators to separate “dirty” and “clean” art conservation, and providing access to daylight in the new "clean" lab.
  2. Design study of the first floor creates a stronger connection to the sculpture garden, and includes a new wayfinding system, new café and gift shop.

Freer Sackler Gallery Education Center

  1. A study of workplace culture yielded a design that provided a variety of spaces for collaborative and independent work.
  2. New office entrance has a better connection to main corridor.
  3. This basement office center no longer feels claustrophobic and cramped, but spacious and full of light.
  4. "Before" view shows office entrances off the corridor (on the right) with little visibility or engagement.

National Postal Museum

  1. As part of the museum expansion, this project restored the original character and splendor of the 1911 City Post Office Building designed by Daniel Burnham.
  2. A stamp gallery named in honor of stamp collector William H. Gross was created inside the historic shell.