Open Works

This makerspace/artists’ collaborative renovates an existing 2-story warehouse structure in the Station North Arts District of Baltimore to provide space for small scale manufacturing, creative startups, and individual artists and craftspeople. The facility includes shared micro-studio spaces, computer labs, classrooms, digital fabrication shops (CNC machines for wood, plastic and metal, 3D Printing and Laser Cutters), a wood shop, a metal shop, an industrial sized paint booth, a textile studio and an electronics laboratory, all centered around a multi-use gathering/performance space meant for artistic and entrepreneurial collaboration.

A café and retail space, run by Baltimore coffeehouse and independent book store collective Red Emma’s, will soon open in the front lobby.

Open Works is the sixth largest makerspace in the country.

Baltimore Arts Reality Corporation
Baltimore, Maryland
Adaptive Reuse
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"A House of Dreams..."

  1. Natural light illuminates the warehouse-like structure.
  2. A wide variety of high and low-tech equipment is available to members.
  3. Large windows featured in conference rooms, offices, and public areas, support Open Work’s collaborative, communal mission.
  4. Adjacent to a railroad track, careful acoustic considerations were made to ensure a peaceful work environment.
  5. Open Works is located in a neighborhood experiencing regrowth alongside a burgeoning community of artists and makers.

People will not only create [here], but create jobs. ...The people who once felt invisible will become invincible.

Elijah E. Cummings, Maryland Congressman

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