Brewers Hill

Brewers Hill is a 27-acre industrial site and a major part of Baltimore’s industrial past. It is a historic renovation and adaptive reuse of an 11-building complex, including two landmark breweries, the Gunther Brewery and the former National Brewery, where “Natty Boh” was first brewed hon.

Struever Bros., Eccles & Rouse/ Obrecht Commercial Real Estate
Baltimore, Maryland
Adaptive Reuse
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Old buildings learn new tricks.

  1. Natty Boh Building was the first LEED silver level applicant in the then-new statewide green initiative program.
  2. Existing underground beer storage tanks were repurposed into a stormwater management system.
  3. One of the first installed green roofs in Baltimore helps reduce the heat island effect this property once created.

Oh Boy, What a Beer!


"Industrial chic" is a draw to upscale tenants.

  1. Interior tenant areas have been a key element in maintaining the industrial character of the buildings.
  2. Large open floor plates and the feel of the industrial past have made the Brewers Hill project a new destination for upscale tenants in Baltimore.
  3. Extensive effort was made to keep structural components exposed and aesthetically pleasing.
  4. Industrial metal canopies and historically tuned signage and graphics were added to complement the industrial character of the buildings.
  5. "Before" view of brewery complex