Baltimore School for the Arts

With a couple of new additions and a rigorous reorganization of existing building circulation and programming, this complex renovation and transformation project allows the Baltimore School for the Arts' facilities to continue to grow and support their vibrant and energetic public arts education program.

Baltimore City Public Schools
Baltimore, Maryland
Historic Renovation

This project involved extensive historic renovation and restoration work which enabled it to receive funding support from historic tax credits.

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Historic preservation

  1. New bridges, openings and links create new relationships between historic fabric and new insertions, and make new connections throughout the school.
  2. Meticulous restoration of the browstone included sensitive insertion of sprinkler lines, new HVAC system and accent lighting while also restoring hardwood flooring, wood doors, crystal chandeliers, stained glass skylight, and elaborate plasterwork.

You and your team have not only managed to capture the spirit and energy of the BSA in your design and vision, but you have accomplished all of that despite our budget constraints… and also our need to keep the school operating smoothly during construction

Leslie Shepard, Director

Modern insertions in a historic context

  1. Because the school had to remain in operation during construction, a three-year phasing plan was carefully developed to keep all departments up and running, meet fire and safety codes, minimize dust and noise, and coordinate with funding streams.
  2. New construction was built first to allow for swing space during renovation.
  3. Windows into dance studios showcase the context of the historic neighborhood.
  4. New construction allowed the school to expand its after-school arts programs to serve over 700 elementary and middle school children.
  5. New library, built over top the existing swimming pool, brings in daylight and views back to the city.

Renovations create new learning spaces.

  1. This art classroom receives ample daylight through walls of windows.
  2. Music classroom has been tuned for acoustics.
  3. Art gallery on the first floor displays student artwork and is often used for community-wide events.
  4. Sculpture studio is located in what once was a swimming pool, and borrows natural light from above.

Heart of the school features donor-funded "name a tile" program.