Aberdeen TOD

This Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Master Plan for the city of Aberdeen presents concepts that were developed and refined during a series of public workshops and presentations with local city stakeholders. The plan iden­tifies a vision for downtown Aberdeen that brings economic development opportunities and activity to the area, adds much-needed green space, recon­nects disjointed neighborhoods and creates a denser, more compact and walkable urban environment. The plan supports and enhances activity around a central focus at the Amtrak train station with a public market and sunken garden plaza that provides access to an important link below the rail tracks. Surrounding property development is proposed to be appropriately scaled toward a greater urban density to promote and reinforce the character of downtown.

Maryland Department of Transportation
Aberdeen, Maryland
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  1. Streetscape design envisions a green boulevard that reinforces the downtown district.
  2. A passage below the train tracks reconnects disjointed neighborhoods.

Sunken plaza near the train station is activated by an open air market and supported by a proposed adjacent parking structure.